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I want you to be happy...

în limbi de foc se mistuie obsesii,

postesc la ce-i frumos

şi colorez impresii.


iunie 28, 2015

When you’ve been running from love for such a long time, a brush in with it is hearbreaking either you chose to run from it again or to give in…

giving up on you.

ianuarie 19, 2014

I wasn’t

’till you did.




how I killed my spider…

aprilie 26, 2013

with a shoe.

Sweet old home…

aprilie 4, 2013

Where I can sleep in my favourite bed, with my favourite pillow and my favourite duvet, and where there is always my favourite brand of chocolate, and my hair looks better, and the air smells fucking fantastic, the sunset it’s always amazing, where I get to pick eggs from our own chicks, where I do wood for the winter with my dad, pick wild flowers for my mum, where I’m happy!

or me, or whatever…

martie 28, 2013

hold it.

I miss missing you…

martie 3, 2013

I guess it wasn’t love after all.

I knew it wasn’t „the Love” for the simple fact I could still listening to music, and now, after a month I don’t miss you at all, and it’s kind of sad that all I can feel is relief.

the lyrics don’t have that strong meaning that they used to have, now I d that thing they say: when you’re sad you listen to the lyrics and when you’re happy to the melodic line. I kind of make sense now :D

I should be grateful but I thought that after all the drama I would be pinning after it a bit more and it’s a bit disappointing… I guess I’m masochistic after all :-P

Let me fuck you like I own you…

februarie 28, 2013

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